Internal & Inbound Links – SEO Principles Round 2

artofdeveloping-SEONew21.Inbound Links – Get as much as you can and then…get more!

One of the most “valuable” things when you are deploying your SEO plan is no other than the links that your page can “gain” and by that I mean, the more sites link to you the better! As I already said in a previous article in this tutorial, if you are not Amazon then you better start gaining some links because the same thing as with titles also applies here: no one is going to learn about you if he cannot find a way to direct him or her to you.

Link-building is an important issue. In fact, the number of the inbound links determines your site’s page-rank . Without having to go deeply into page-ranking algorithms, just remember that the greater the page-rank of the site that links to you is, the better it is for your site. As the page-rank determines your sites “value” and how you are going to appear in the search results, you must always try to get links from other sites.

Another thing that can help you with your link-building especially if you are new to this game is: directories. Submit your website in directories (such as DMOZ) can help people find your site and help you gain some links too.

2.Internal Links

You now know the importance of inbound links but one the other hand, internal links are also important. The way you have constructed your internal links can:

  • Help your site to be crawled and better indexed.
  • Make search engines find all of your site’s pages.
  • Help you build a connection between pages and keywords through anchor text (which is the next thing we are going to discuss).
  • Or even making the page rank of one of your pages better!

At the end, internal links cannot harm you but if they are used right, they can play a significant role to your site’s ranking!

3.Anchor Text

Another thing that is directly related with links is Anchor Text. Anchor text is the clickable text you use for your link and it also plays a great role in the way search engines value a page. If for example a web page has a great number of links with the same or similar anchor texts then the search engines are going to be quite sure that this page is going to be about the keywords used in these anchor texts. Links with anchor text, made by keywords, can help the page’s rank in this particular topic that keywords are representing. Phrases like “click here” aren’t going to help you but something like “learn more about Web Design Principles” will. This is why it is important to use anchor text that is always related to the content you are linking .

So, until now in this tutorial we have examined the importance of links (inbound and internal) and anchor text. In the next article we are going to see the importance of  page content, alt attributesandsite navigation


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